Safe and Security

Invisible Grille is able to withstand up to 80Kg of tension load


Unblocked Views

Invisible Grille made your view
look great.


Maintenance Free

Invisible Grille is designed with maintenance free concept.


Anti Rust

Invisible Grille is power-coated to prevent oxidation onto the standard steel cable.

Our products and services


Invisible Grille comes with 2, 3 or 4 inch GAP

Easy to clean and maintain.

Option for horizontal or Vertical installation .


Option for 2in, 3in or 4in Grille GAP.

Anti Rust design means maintenance free.

Option for Vertical or Horizontal installation.


Invisible Grille comes with 2, 3 or 4 inch GAP

We help to customize any curve project

We provide find workman-ship.


Windows or area need to be access frequently, a frame can be customize


These cables are able to withstand up to 80Kg

No. the steel cables that acted as the grilles are coated with a layer of nano-technology membrane for extra protection against external weather elements and caters for easy cleaning and maintenance

The invisible grilles system can be customised to fit windows and balconies of varying sizes so long there are space where we can mount the wall plugs and cable tracks that will hold the cables in place.

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